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Future Proofing Your Business

Whatever your plans are for the future, rest assured that Taurus can operate seamlessly to assist in the running of your business through business process management, taking care of the mundane day to day tasks, adding security to your data and sending you daily management reports.
Its limitation, your imagination.

Retire and Take Income

Work until you die

Sell the business


Taurus is the right choice in an ever changing market

What would happen if a member of staff resigns?
What is the cost? What are the implications?

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Lets Take a Look at an Example


Action 1:The schedule is a starting point for Taurus and will launch at any chosen time by you, you might decide to run a specific rule at 7:00am to get a process rolling.

Get Data

Action 2:Once the Schedule has started, it needs something to do, you might now choose for Taurus to grab the data you need, in this case, get all Properties with a Gas Safety Due in the next 21 days.

Sends Email

Action 3: Send an email, this might be to the Property Manager, the Landlord, or in fact both. It may also be to the Tenant to gain access to the premises.


Action 4: Create a report and send to the Property Manager of actions already taken and also print the report direct to the printer. It could even send a text to advise the report was printed.

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